xequipped birds eye view of Brooklyn army terminal

About Xequipped Group

Here at XEquipped Group, we do not just offer products for sale and provide business to business services, we also market newly developed parts and accessories. By constantly focusing on quality and proper distribution channels, we are able to keep pace with our fast growing number of loyal business and retail customers. With over a decade worth of great experience, we have learned how to create a family atmosphere within our office that keeps all of us grounded and motivated. We constantly ensure that our passion is transitioned from company’s founders and co-founders, right to all of our old and new team staff members. No matter whether you are looking to modify, upgrade, or further customize your current setup, we use our experience and knowledge to help you, each step of the way, regardless of the size of your project.

We strive to provide our enthusiasts the same quality and service as we would want to receive ourselves. This is the reason why we, XEquipped Team, always take pride and joy in being a diverse Brooklyn, New York based organization, which looks at all aspects of the business and all trends associated with it. We encourage and respect all of our differences, as we recognize the importance of one’s personal or a company’s individualism, and constantly work to recognize all of the differences to benefit all of us as a team and individually. We focus on maintaining the highest level of professionalism in everything that we do, just as proper and professional communication within and outside of the office helps us to promote environment of clear, open, and consistent service.

Whether you're doing basic repairs, maintenance, modifying your vehicle's street appeal or performance, or adding high-tech parts, our great selection of brand name products and knowledgeable associates will ensure success with all your automotive projects. As brand building marketers, our team’s commitment to learn about and educate our manufacturers, enables us to transfer essential information to all of our customers. The standards we have set shall remain high for ourselves, our suppliers, and business partners.

To all of you, from all of us at Xequipped Group - Thank you and Happy Modding!

Freddie H. Sturtz